Islam Today – An Analysis

This century is witness to the revival of the Islamic thoughts. Many movements have contributed, in varying degree, to the evolution of Islam as an ideological force of the modern times. Educated people all over the world now consider and study Islam seriously, albeit from different angles. Society today is a complex widely integrated system of affairs on which the nascent Islamic movements of the 20th Century has a very wide scope of work, to be covered in a short time, with insufficient resources and in the face of severe opposition from the forces of evil or ignorance. The efforts made, commendable as they are, now suffer from a saturation effect. A state of stagnation and isolation has come to prevail in this domain as a whole. The creative and dynamic spirit and vitality is lacking. Some of the important features of the present state of affairs are:-

The review of the present situation indicates that some CAYALYTIC effort are needed to supplement and accelerate the work of the Islamic struggle. Al-Fajr is established with a view to provide this catalytic effort and to initiate and establish a chain reaction of reform in society.


Striking of the Dawn


Al-Fajr - Is an organization established for communicating the message of Islam to different strata of society in an effective and widespread manner, in the context of the realities of today.

Al-Fajr - Is established for using TALENTS and TECHNOLOGY for the cause of Education and Research, and the acquisition and propagation of knowledge.

Al-Fajr - Is committed to carry on activities free from sectarian and other prejudices and group differences and to try to harmonize different spheres to the greatest extent within the framework of truth as defined in the Quran and Sunnah.

Al-Fajr - Is NOT a new party created in addition to so many already existing, rather its aim is to serve the Islamic cause, the cause of Allah and humanity, by undertaking necessary efforts (not identical rather supplemental) to support and cooperate with groups and individuals working for the same cause.

Al-Fajr - Is intended to be an inter – regional and multinational organization in its extent and scope of activities.

Al-Fajr - Is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization registered as a Trust under the laws of the Government of Pakistan.


Al-Fajr envisages the following programme to achieve the objectives outlined above: