Importance of Holy Qur’an recorded on Audio Format

The importance of acquiring the knowledge of Quran and Sunnah through recitation and listening is obvious from the fact that our Prophet (PBUH) was “Ummi” i.e. one who could not read on write. He got all his revelations through the Angel Gabriel (A.S), first as “Wahi”, which he would then recite to the angel and then to his companions.They would listen carefully and learn it by heart over the years and practice it then with deep understanding and sincerity. “We have heard it and obeyed it”, is one of the highest degrees of Muslim obedience of course, to reach to the faith through logic and reasoning is another approach.

Most of the Muslims are unaware of the fundamental teachings of Islam, The Qura’an & Sunnah. The message of truth needs to be communicated to all Muslims using all possible means of modern technology because in this modern & busy age people have not enough time to understand the basic teachings of Islam from scholars or by books. Holy Qur’an recorded in audio format is beneficial in two ways. Firstly listening to the Holy Qur’an sound has deep spiritual effects. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) loved to listen to the recitation of Holy Qur’an from his companions. Secondly, Holy Qur’an audio translations transcend the barriers of illiteracy. Our major population is illiterate and they can neither read the Holy Qur’an nor understand its meanings. The illiterate population who has every little chance to drink from the divine fountains of guidance,need to be communicated the message by means of technology. The far reaching effects of written text cannot be denied, but by the time we reach 100 percent literacy level, one or two generations may have passed, so it is too long a period to wait for and too far a target to achieve, right at this stage. Even if the 100% literacy level is achieved it would not be in Arabic but in English, Urdu or some other language and not in every one’s mother tongue. Holy Quran translations in Audio format will convey the divine message to every one in his/her own mother tongue. Anything learned or heard in one's mother tongue gives a deeper understanding & comprehension having a long lasting effect. It will also promote the understanding and desire to learn Arabic.This is the reason that Quran was revealed to illiterate people in their own language Arabic, who would try to listen to it attentively memorize it grasp it and practice it in its original spirit and we can see that they have been the best in propagating it. So for illiterate, people of rural areas, sick, old, women, travelers, blind and men on duty such as soldiers, drivers etc. audio format is the best method of conveying the divine Message of truth.

Al-Fajr Holy Quran Audio Recordings Programme